Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Happy Samhain!  On this day I honor my ancestors.  I think of all of those who came before me and brightly lit the path I know travel.  Thank you for your hard work, thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for your eternal love, and thank you for always believing in me.  Without you I am nothing!


Tonight I will sit in the quiet stillness and listen for your guidance and wisdom.  I welcome you Lord and Lady to my table and together we will await the turning of the wheel once again. 

May you have a Blessed Samhain!
Blessing Bright and Dark,

If you would like to know more about Samhain, please click here.

New Treasury: Amethyst Pendulum

'Blessed Samhain!' by LucyKitsch

Blessed Samhain, all! (And happy Halloween to non-Pagans.) Enjoy this blessed day!

WICCAN wheel of the yea...

Amethyst Pendulum

Votive Soy Candle in Sa...

Handmade Porcelain Godd...

Samhain New Years Readi...

Triple Moon Priestess C...

Wiccan Pagan Flags Purp...

Pentagram/Pentacle Paga...

Harm None Ring - Hand S...

Old World Pagan Wheel o...

Traditional Black handl...

Amethyst Engraved Witch...

Ritual Athame with Harm...

Breathe Easy Aromathera...

Blessed Be Bracelet - H...

Pagan / Wiccan Tea Ligh...


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Listening to the Sound of Silence

Every morning I take Logan for a walk.  This requires me to load up on electronic devices before we can walk out the door.  I have my pedometer (why I need to know how many aerobic steps I have taken is beyond me!), my phone, and my iPod shuffle.  Now usually I love listening to music as I walk, it helps me to keep a brisk pace and highlights my outrageous dance moves to the neighborhood. But today I decided to forgo the iPod and the sound of silence was amazing.  Ok it really wasn't silent...I heard the geese honking as they fly south for the winter, I heard the leaves crunching under our feet as we walked, I heard many amazing things that normally are drowned out by The Supremes

Baby love, my baby love.....
Inspired by my super sonic hearing ability, I decided to spend the rest of the day in silence.  We are constantly bombarded by sound that we have forgotten how to be in the Silence of it all.  So today I pass on to you the gift of Silence.  Enjoy a meal in silent companionship, read a book in the comfort of stillness, and take the time to listen to your own heart with out distraction.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inspiration: Witches

Double, double toil and trouble; 
                           Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. 
{ Striped Socks }
{ Poison Bottle }
{ Black Dress }
{ Worts }
{ Boots }
{ Black Cat }

Tis the season of the Witch!  Happy October!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Events: Pagan Pride Day

This past weekend Sharon from Touch of the Goddess and I attended the annual Albuquerque Pagan Pride Day celebration.  It was a lovely cool day with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.  

Several workshops and fun events were scheduled through out the day.  And there were plenty of vendors selling their wonderful creations, including us!! 

Our Booth...I love the fall colors! 
Touch of the Goddess' Smudge Feathers.  Just Gorgeous!!!

A plethora of pendulums.
Colorful staffs, chakra oils, sugar scrubs, and clean & clear sprays
We had a wonderful time meeting our fellow pagans and getting to know some of our fans more personally.  Plus dressing in costume is always an added benefit!

Sharon was stunning in her Autumn Gown and Flowery Hair Garland!
Me!  Like our headbands....I made them.
We had a great time and hope to participate in next years event. For now it is back to the studio for some much needed cleaning and organizing.  Getting prepared for this event left my studio in a terrible state.  I would blame the Goblins but I know they have been too busy in the backyard trying to corner the neighbor's cat.  They tell me it is quite delectable...I will take their word for it.

What did you do this past weekend?  I would love to hear!

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