Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank goodness for my Sparky Jones Hat!

Today the wind is blowing 30 mph which means so is the dirt. YUCK! Definitely not a day to run errands, but off to the post office I go.  Luckily, I bought this adorable hat from Sparky Jones.  Her unique hats and accessories are made from vintage clothing items.  So not only do you get a great hat but you get to help out the environment too.  See more of her goodies here.

Here is MY hat!  (Sorry no makeup today-my allergies are crazy due to the wind!)

It's even cute on the inside!!

 Do you have a favorite hat or accessory?



  1. You are lucky that hat didn't blow right off today! You almost need a chinstrap!

    A couple hours ago I was driving down the hill on Unser, and there was so much dust in the sky, the mountains and most of the city had disappeared!

  2. Just think, we are breathing that. Double YUCK!


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