Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh to be fairy sized...

The places I would go...

Where would you go if you were fairy sized?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival

This weekend was the annual Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival.  My friend Kate has two Scotty dogs that were part of the Celtic Dog Exhibit, which got us both in for FREE!  We had a great time talking with everyone, untangling dog leashes, and getting rather sunburnt!

Celtic Festival 2011
The Pipe Bands play "Amazing Grace"

Who can resist bagpipes...get's my Irish blood stirring!!

Celtic Festival 2011
Coleman Academy of Irish Step Dance
And the step dancing had my toes tapping!  Maybe I will take a lesson.
Celtic Festival 2011
This is one of Kate's Scotties. His name is Kegan and he is a total goofball. Ula was too camera shy.

Celtic Festival 2011
New Celtic Ring
I got a fantastic deal on this Blue Topaz Celtic Ring. Kate bought an Amethyst Celtic Ring which is very similar. I call them our "Wonder Twins Rings".  (Can you tell I live in the desert.  I had just put on hand lotion before taking this photo.  I guess it didn't last.  YIKES!)

As you can see we had great time.  What did you do this weekend?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ready for Summer...

snow cones, flip flops, and relaxing by the pool!!

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Hey even Super Heroes need a break!  
What is your favorite thing about summer?


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Beltane

Wishing you a happy and merry Beltane!

When I was younger, my sister and I would make May Day baskets for our neighbors.  The tradition is to deliver the baskets without being seen.  If you are seen you owe them a kiss as well as the basket.  Every year our neighbors caught us!  I now wonder if my Mom told them we were coming...

Beltane is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the dancing, the may pole, the flowers, the baskets.  I remember vividly celebrating this day as a child with my Mom and Sister, being silly and having fun. 

If you would like to know more about this pagan holiday click here.

Do you celebrate Beltane?  What are your traditions for this holiday?

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